With 30+ years’ experience in Data management, Analytics and extracting value from Data, IoT is a natural evolution and to some extent has been part of our past projects for years.

Value chain of IoT, finding a balance between volume and value. With all the craze about IoT it is easy to get carried away and capture everything and dump it into a big data lake. The common thinking is: “we never know what we will need we will make sense of it”

IoT data is often collected for operational scenarios like: asset tracking, preventive maintenance, alerting. All these are valid uses cases for operational requirements.

How can you harness the IoT data to create more value and improve your ROI? Focusing the IoT data and combining it with other data either from IoT, other sources internal and external to create new insight.

Taking IoT data from heavy equipment combining it with Geodata, Loading data from the weight stations. Aggregating all the data it was possible to reduce fuel consumption, better routing, reduced stress for the operator and reduced downtime on the machines

Healthcare example:
Hospital staff is spending extra time to locate movable equipment. Anything from Medical devices to trays, ... This can be minutes or more many times every day. This time could be better spent on caring for patients. But how do you track 100 or in most cases 10’000s or more of this equipment. Most are not high tech equipment with no sensors or even power.
By tagging every piece of equipment with a cheap RDFI tag and creating RFID fences either for every department or room the data of these movements can be tracked and analyzed. Identify the most commonly “misplaced” items help to change the procedures or buy more equipment to free up staff time.

We help customers formulate the business cases for IoT projects, identify data to be collected, complementary internal and external sources.
Defining a clear Business Case with the value proposition and vision to expand beyond the initial project


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