Risk Management System

The comprehensive Risk Management System considers all aspects involved:


Risk Assessment

A systematic process of organizing information to support a risk decision to be made within a risk management process. It consists of the identification of hazards and the analysis and evaluation of risks associated with exposure to those hazards.


Risk Evaluation

The comparison of the estimated risk to given risk criteria using a quantitative or qualitative scale to determine the significance of the risk.​


Risk Control

Actions implementing risk management decisions


Periodic Reviews

Review or monitoring of output/results of the risk management process considering (if appropriate) new knowledge and experience about the risk.

and represents a key element of quality assurance. NEAR supports its clients to succeed this challenge.


Risk Assessment

A permanent companion within the process of deviations and changes should be the Risk Assessment representing a transparent control unit showing all posible effects on product quality and the consumer needs.


Internal Audits and Compliance Analyses

Analysing the huge amount of regulations, guidelines and standards in the IT Environment and clarifying the needs for ones’ company requires experienced, non-committed and independent experts.  NEAR supports its clients with this expertise.


Computerized Systems Validation (CSV)

Computerized Systems Validation combines the strictly documented process of assuring the considered system working properly at any time and validating its process steps through all stages of development.