NEAR Cyber Security Consulting

Technology Consulting

NEAR Security technology delivery teams provide end-to-end professional services to support enterprise security architecture development and technology installation. Our network engineers extend your internal capabilities, leveraging extensive field experience to deliver business-enabling service and support. The team includes senior engineers and senior solution architects with the skill sets to help you design and deploy an optimal IT security architecture. Our services are built on a tried and tested methodology that delivers planning workshops and IT architecture and technology assessments, and full on-site support for technology installation and integration. And our goal is simple: to ensure your network environment is always secure, available, accessible and matched to your business needs.




Our advisory services engage clients through our strategic cyber program-based approach. As program focus areas are identified, our proven industry leverage of consultancy's models, methodologies, and best practices to identify gaps in your security program, helping prioritise strategies for improved processes, management and technology. This cyber program-based strategy allows CISOs and senior leadership to plan, manage and measure program areas that minimise business risk and strengthen cyber resiliency.


NEAR Cyber Security Operations

Managed Security

NEAR’s expert analysts take an innovative approach to threat detection. They are imitating the direct way an attacker moves inside of a network by leveraging disruptive analytics and monitoring tools. In this way NEAR’s analysts always strength their detective capabilities. This makes them able to interrupt threats at any level of an attack.



Managed Cyber Security Staffing

Strategic cyber staffing fills long-term or temporary knowledge resource needs with highly experienced and qualified professionals. Our expansive Cybersecurity Alliance Ecosystem (CAE) network allows our clients to gain access to cyber expertise, spanning from strategic vCISOs to deep engineering and deep technical resources. These IT staffing resources help corporate security leaders ensure they can always operate their security programs